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Many mom-preneurs started their business so they can be home with their kids. But the greatest blessing of being a mompreneur may also be its greatest challenge: Try putting out a professional image when your baby is crying in the background or your presentation is covered in crayon. Let's face it: It's tough to get any work done with baby in tow.
A home office can be a real office, but as your business grows, you'll probably need to move on and out of your home office.
Pros and Cons
The advantages of moving out of your home office boil down to increased professionalism, more space to work and unlimited growth potential. Of course, with any advantage come a few disadvantages, but nothing that can't be overcome:
Your daily commute will be longer (and not on foot), but if your office is located near your home, the lost time and frustration should be minimal. You'll need to furnish your office professionally. The dining room chair doubling as an office chair will have to go-especially since clients will be visiting your office. Your overhead will increase, but your revenues could grow proportionately as you attract larger or more clients.

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