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Getting Ready to Retire
Getting Ready to Retire
Congratulations – you made it here! The first step toward financial security in retirement is taking the time to learn about your current financial situation and saving options. Americans live longer and retire earlier nowadays. Retirement can feasibly last 20 years – a significant period of time in your life, which will require a significant bankroll. Now is the time to prepare financially. Whatever your age, finances or saving experience, this is the right place for you to be to get started.
Saving for retirement can feel about as immediately gratifying as paying taxes. But, think of it as saving up to buy your way out of the workforce. (A definite incentive!) Imagine quitting your job today. How much would you need in your savings accounts, IRAs, 401(k) and other retirement plans to support your current lifestyle for the next 20 years? (Not to mention to offset the added costs of inflation and rising medical expenses.)  Shocking thought, isn’t it?
What, then, will fund your retirement when you choose to retire? Many retirees depend largely on Social Security checks and guaranteed employer pension plans. However, the reality is that future retirees will need to depend more on their own personal savings, IRAs, and employee-funded retirement plans than on government and employer-guaranteed income to fund their retirement. NOW is the time to start saving for retirement. Whether you are age 22 or 52, you can take easy, (relatively) painless steps to help lead you to a more financially secure retirement.
Getting Ready to Retire
Creating a Game Plan
Setting Goals
Identifying Resources
Being Realistic
Considering Inflation
Considering Funding
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