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Interest Rates

ANYTHING Home Loan (Fixed)
Rates starting as low as 4.25%

ANYTHING Home LOC (Variable) 
Rates starting as low as 3.25%

For more information on our ANYTHING Loan rates and terms, please call 518-828-5216.

 First Mortgage

(CUCM rates) fixed Please call or ask rep. for these rates
(CUCM rates) variable Please call or ask rep. for these rates

 Consumer Loans

New Vehicle *ala 3.24%-17.99% APR      
Up to 36 month financing
New Vehicle *ala 3.24%-17.99% APR Up to 48 month financing
New Vehicle *ala 3.49%-17.99% APR Up to 60 month financing
New Vehicle *ala 3.74%-17.99% APR Up to 72 month financing
Used Vehicle *ala 5.74%-17.99% APR

2011 & newer
36 month financing

Used Vehicle *ala 5.99%-17.99% APR 2011 & newer
48 month financing
Used Vehicle *ala 6.24%-17.99% APR 2011 & newer
60 month financing
Used Vehicle * ala 6.74%-17.99% APR 2010 & older
36 month financing
Used Vehicle

*ala 6.99%-17.99% APR

2010 & older
48 month financing

New Boat/RV

*6.24%-17.99% APR 15 year finance
Used Boat/RV *6.99%-17.99% APR
12 year finance

New Sport craft (Tractors, Ski Jets, Quads, etc.)

*8.74%-17.99% APR  
Used Sport craft *9.24%-17.99% APR  
ANYTHING Loans *10.99%-17.99% APR  
Overdraft Protection *14.74%-17.99% APR  


Shared Secure Loans
2.75% over the rate being paid for your share or term share

For Real Estate, personal property, trailers, lawn tractors, or farm equipment, either a mortgage, a Motor Vehicle lien or UCC-1 lien is filed. A "Rider" must be added to your insurance coverage naming the Credit Union as "Loss Payee".

The following must accompany your application for a new or used auto:

  • An invoice or statement from the dealer or seller as to make, model, year, identification number and any options on the vehicle
  • Proof of insurance showing the name of the insurance company and the agent.
  • Proof of income is required with all loan applications.

*All rates based on creditworthiness. *All rates subject to change.


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