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Phishing Scams



We have had a number of members call in and say they received a call or text message on their cell phone stating that “their ATM or debit card has been blocked and they cannot do any transactions on it unless they press 1 to reactivate your card or to call back a toll free number”. If you press 1 or call back the toll free number, you are asked to input your sixteen digit card number and your PIN. DO NOT DO THIS. This is a scam to get your card numbers.

If you did receive this call and gave your card number by pressing 1 or calling back the toll free number, contact us immediately so we can protect your account. During regular business hours, please call CGFCU at 518-828-5216. After hours please call 1-800-682-6075 to block your card.

Here is what is happening: When you get a call you may see that the call is coming from 1-843-884-6884, or you may see 347, 999-304 or some other unidentified number. The fraudster is spoofing that number which means he makes it look like the number that is calling you is a company. Actually they are calling from a different unknown number.

How did they get your cell number? They are doing something called “war dialing”. The fraudster starts with a local area code and a local exchange and randomly generates the last four digits to create a phone number to call or text. Then they take the batch of phone numbers they have compiled and send out mass calls. This is called a major vishing scheme and is affecting other financial institutions both locally and nationwide. For example: people who do not even have a debit card are receiving these calls or you may receive a call identifying a financial institution you don’t even do business with.

Note: Any call that asks you to input your PIN or card number is not a legitimate call. Columbia-Greene Federal Credit Union will never ask you to input your card number and PIN via phone, text message or in an e mail.

Your Credit Union is constantly working to protect you and your accounts from these types of scams.



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