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How to Apply:
  • Please complete entire application
  • Click to accept terms at the end of application
  • Proof of income needed
  • For all HOME EQUITY LOANS OR VISA CREDIT CARDS, PLEASE CONTACT THE CREDIT UNION FOR APPLICATION at 518-828-5216 ext. 1102 or 1101 or APPLY IN PERSON at 207A Green Street, Hudson, NY.

Individual Credit: You must complete the Applicant section about yourself and the Other section about your spouse if:

    1. you live in or the property pledged as collateral is located in a commmunity property state (AK, AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA, WI).
    2. your spouse will use the account, or
    3. you are relying on your spouse's income as a basis for repayment. If you are relying on income from alimony, child support, or separate maintenance, complete the Other section to the extent possible about the person on whose payments you are relying.

Joint Credit: Each Applicant must individually complete the appropriate section below. If Co-Borrower is spouse of the Applicant, mark the Co-Applicant box.

Guarantor: Complete the Other section if you are a Guarantor on an account/loan.


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Check below to indicate the type of account(s) and type of credit for which you are applying. Married Applicants may apply for a separate account.

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   Type of Loan:  *

Repayment: Payroll Deduction Cash Military Allotment
                        Automatic Payment

Payment Protection:
Check coverage(s) desired. The credit union will disclose the cost of this voluntary insurance to you. A separate insurance election which disloses the terms and conditions must be signed for coverage to become effective.

Single Credit Disability Insurance
Single Credit Life Insurance
Joint Credit Life Insurance


Applicant Information:

First Name:  * Middle Initial:

Last Name:  *

Mother's Maiden Name:  *

Account Number:

Social Security #:   ex. 000-00-0000 *

Driver's License Number:  * State: *

List ages of dependents not listed
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Home Phone:  * Business Phone/Ext:

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Start Date:  *  Hours at work:  *

Employment Income: $  * per

Other Income: $ per

Other Income Source:

Military: Is duty station transfer expected during next year?
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If "Yes", Where:
Ending/Separation Date:

Applicant Reference:

Name and address of nearest relative
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Relationship:  * Home Phone:  *

What You Owe Creditor Name Other Than
This Credit Union
First Mortgage
Applicant Other
2nd Mortgage Applicant Other
1st Auto Loan Applicant Other
2nd Auto Loan Applicant Other
Child-Care Applicant Other
Child Support Applicant Other
Credit Card Applicant Other
Credit Card Applicant Other
Other Applicant Other
Other Applicant Other

Electronic Signature:
You promise that everything you have stated in this application is correct to the best of your knowledge and that the above information is a complete listing of what you owe. If there are any important changes you will notify us in writing immediately. You authorize the Credit Union to obtain credit reports in connection with the application for the credit and for any update, renewal or extension of the credit received. You understand that the Credit Union will rely on the information in the application and your credit report to make its decision. If you request, the Credit Union will tell you the name and address of any credit bureau from which it received a credit report for you. It is a federal crime to willfully and deliberately provide incomplete or incorrect information on loan applications made to federal credit unions or state charted credit unions insured by NCUA.

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